CanSecWest 2012 has come and gone. I had not been to Vancouver BC in a very long time and I had forgotten how big it is!

It was great to meet a lot of people at the conference. I also met Darin from the RIM Waterloo office who is a fellow photography nut. He and I did a photo walk in the city. My pictures are below and you can see his at

















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Florida Behind the Scenes

Of course, as soon as I posted yesterday that there were not many flowers around, I started noticing flowers.  First the azaleas in my own yard, which are huge and bright pink, so I’m not at all sure how I forgot about them yesterday.  This bush is actually taller than my privacy fence, and it isn’t the biggest one around by a long shot.

Yeah, there is a butterfly there, and I know I said I wasn’t going to put any more butterflies in this blog, but I just got all caught up in the thrill of photographing a moving target.  Then I forgot to get one of the azaleas alone, and since I do love them, I had to put the butterfly in, right?

Then as I looked around a little more, I started seeing little flowers, like these pretty purple ones that I thought were wild irises but…

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The Blurred Line


I don’t hate vegetarians, vegans or people who just breathe air until they die of starvation. I just hate tofu, lentils and anything made of soya that is supposed to taste like meat.


I couldn’t care less what you had for dinner.

I do suffer from limited patience with people who think they are better than me because they expel enough lentil gas from their rear ends to power a small city.

There’s recycling and there’s recycling.

I also suffer from a malady called sense-of-humor-itis that makes me poke fun at anyone who takes themselves way too seriously.

There is also the looming horror of having to prepare a gourmet vegetarian lunch for my son’s school next Tuesday.

His father is determined to enter into the parental competition and plans for me to whip some Nigella Lawson magical mystery meal.

Cook em rightI was just going to pop into the deli and…

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The Blog

It’s been just over two years since we first launched our Posterous importer and I never could have predicted how the blogging space would evolve so quickly in that time. As you may have seen in the news today, the Posterous team is joining Twitter, which we know will be exciting for our friends at Twitter and well-earned for Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal.

We’ve had an over 250% spike in the number of imports the past few hours, so it seems timely to recap how the importer works:

  1. Sign up for a new blog.
  2. In your dashboard, go to Tools → Import and click on “Posterous.”
  3. Enter your Posterous login details, and we’ll email you when the import completes!
  4. Take the time while it’s running to have a sarsaparilla, then explore some of the great designs available for, and start following your favorite blogs…

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Creative Splurges

Working, as I do, in the middle of London, one of the world’s most vibrant and varied cities, it theoretically doesn’t take much for me to get some interesting photos. All I should need to do is bring my camera to work, and then go for a walk at lunchtime.

It isn’t always that simple. For a start I’m obviously limited to somewhere I can get to and back from within an hour, allowing time for shooting. That’s difficult. I often shoot excessively to see what comes out which means I like to not have time constraints – not to mention I obviously also need to eat at some point during that hour. Then, of course, there is always the luck of the light with whatever you’re trying to photograph..

Sometimes, however, it all comes together. Last Friday two friends from work and I (Catherine and Simon – the same…

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Musings on Nature & Items of Interest

A report of a Great Horned Owl nest in Golden Gate Park prompted three visits over the past 6 weeks.  My first visit on Feb 5, 2012 found two chicks and the mother in a very large pine tree. As always, click on the image to enlarge it.

Great Horned Owls nest in Golden Gate Park

Those days’  see the diary page 2-5-2012 at raptor-gallery dot com

Then on Feb 19, I returned and found the chicks grown quite a bit…

Great Horned Owls - Golden Gate Park

For the complete series see the diary page 2-19-2012 at raptor-gallery dot com

And then on March 10, I came back to find both chicks had fledged, I found them with one of the adults in another tree some 50 yards away.

GG Park, GB Herons, Song Sparrow, GH Owls fledged

a better view of one of them…

GG Park, GB Herons, Song Sparrow, GH Owls fledged

Here it is cleaning its beak on a tree branch…

GG Park, GB Herons, Song Sparrow, GH Owls fledged

The two fledglings together…

GG Park, GB Herons, Song Sparrow, GH Owls fledged

Not too far away in the park, the Great Blue Herons are nesting at…

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